Expand your sales opportunities through field marketing

We are a commercial outsourcing agency recognized for our field marketing operations . We have demonstrated the insight of our teams to develop sales, presence and brand awareness. Results achieved by our expertise in merchandising, sales force, training, entertainment, audits and mystery shopping.

What Daytona does

Sampling, dedicated Sales Team or training services, our philosophy stay the same: delivering excellence in the results.

Our “Insight Led Sales” approach combines datas analysis at different levels through business intelligence and human potential of our teams. A better understanding of the consumer to increase your sales and manage your campaigns.

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Daytona’s reach

Daytona is part of Cosine Group, a subsidiary of Omnicom Group. This affiliation guarantees a quality of execution, according to SOX process. Daytona is a member of SORAP union.

With seven international offices servicing eighteen countries, including Cosine China where we have 28 offices across China, the Cosine Group has the capability to influence over 1.83 billion people.

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Démarche d’audit et diagnostic conduite par le cabinet Deloitte – In Extenso sur la conformité des pratiques Daytona est affilié EcoVadis - expertise sur la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises (RSE) Daytona est membre du SORAP - SYNDICAT DES PROFESSIONNELSDE L'ACTION COMMERCIALE TERRAIN

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Daytona soutient le Grand Prix des Chefs d’Entreprise Daytona partenaire de ILV pour la formation Délégué MAF

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